February 10, 2013

There is an old saying that goes, “You cannot judge a book by it’s cover.” This old fashion saying holds great truth and profound wisdom. I sometimes wonder how many younger people have never heard this idiom before? There are all types of examples of this in the world around us, especially within people:

There are people who appear very thin, but are high in body fat and unhealthy.

There are people who are very heavy, but extremely fit and healthy.

There are those who are attractive on the outside, but ugly on Continue reading

Secret Suffering

January 30, 2013

“I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out…and I am concerned about their suffering.” Exodus 3:7

He sees your secret sorrow. He can pinpoint the very vein and nerve that triggers your pain, no words required.  Hold on, Beloved, for that is what you are. You are the Beloved Craftsmanship of the Almighty. Allow Him to be your Source, for He has a never-ending supply of Love, Comfort, and Provision. Do not be dismayed by the trials you face that no one Continue reading

Steadfast and Sure…

January 30, 2013

It was the Fall of 2001. I was pregnant with my son, Luke, about six months along. My husband was self-employed at this time, no longer working at the University. We had been on a faith adventure, trusting God to fill our client base and pay our bills. It was a decision we had made prior to the summer Olympic games in Sydney, Australia in 2000. We had decided, upon returning from the Olympics (we had traveled there with a few athletes my husband trained) he would not return to Continue reading

We Are One

January 28, 2013

"I am only one, but I am still one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." Edward Everett Hale


Though many attribute this quote to D.L. Moody, it’s roots and heritage stem further into our historical past to the pen of Edward Everett Hale, descendant of Nathan Hale, Revolutionary war spy and martyr. Men, such as these, took the words of this penmanship to the deepest chambers of their heart. Continue reading


January 13, 2013

Life is full of disappointments. It cannot be avoided. We cannot go around it. It is a fact of all things in life; we will face disappointment. I am sad to say I am well acquainted with disappointment over the years of my life. I became acquainted with it at a young age. But this in it self, is not disappointing. Though disappointment comes to us all, we do not have to let it rest there. We can rise above our disappointments. Some of them, we can do nothing about. Continue reading

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My name is Nicole and the Broken and Unspoken things have fueled my wings and given me something brave, something bold. I do believe as we persevere through the unspoken difficulties in life we can find our voice and that voice can be used to help others take flight. I’m a lover of the pen and the ink I wield I hope lavishes encouragement on the minds, hearts and souls of others. Welcome to my home! I plan to use the space to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and blessed. My encouragement intended to help you find that better version of you that has been there all along. I am a writer of prose, poems, scriptural exhortations and all things fitness and nutrition. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. It is all connected! So come in and make yourself at home. This is a Safe Haven and Refuge for others who have been broken, too.

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