Fueled: What’s In Your Tank?

I once met the sweetest lady at the gym. She was always smiling and friendly...always faithful to her workouts....and did I mention she was 80 years old? She would speak to me sweetly and say a blessing over my health. I want to be like that when I'm 80!

It breaks my heart to look around the American society at large and see people popping every prescription drug imaginable in an effort to manage a diagnosis or buffer some pain. There is a place for medicine, but we’ve gotten out of control. Medication only masks the real issues without doing anything to attend to the issue and correct it. People are left in the dark while the pharmaceutical industry happily collects large amounts of money from people. Who’s really winning here? But our bodies are so smart and hardwired to know how to heal. We can take action steps to correct some areas of deficiency and move holistically toward better health.

If we pay attention to what we eat, then we achieve internal balance through nutrition...the outward manifestation is the ability to think more clearly, stay focused and make better decisions...and you'll feel better.

What will you eat today?

Food is fuel, well it’s actually so much more, but here’s what I know. How you fuel decides how you feel. Make good decisions today. Mind, Body, Soul...it’s all connected. Balance living makes you whole!

Use today as an opportunity to touch the world around you with your life. Watch & see-leave the lesser things at your feet.
God is for you, heart and soul. He purposes to encourage you more than you know.

You are a Glorious Bloom.

Watch the heart of Heaven for you open wide and make room. Decide to live your best life and embrace the opportunities of Grace that have been afforded you.

Do you struggle to believe you are a candidate eligible to receive a beautiful blessing? Are you asking “why me?”
Why not you!

Embrace how lovely you truly are. You are lovely and lovable. Embrace it. Wrap your heart, mind and soul around it. Live it. I think you’ll be glad you did and in the end pleased with the life you have lived. This, today, is my prayer for you. Be All -In. Be decided. Allow yourself to be embraced and receive.

I pray this post will launch you into your day, whatever time of day you actually read this, properly fueled. Fill up on good, healthy, whole foods; good, healthy, whole people; positive mindsets and drink deeply of a love being offered. Go ahead, fill your cup to overflow, there’s more where that came from. Because when you are fueled up with the right stuff you can achieve anything!

Love and Blessings!