When I was about 12 years old our neighbors cat had kittens. She was a beautiful, pure white cat, as were all of her adorable little babies. The neighbors were giving the cats away and asked around who wanted one, and of course,
I did.

I grew up with cats. We had tried having a dog a few times and it wasn’t such a great experience. We were definitely cat owner types. Except we also had these two birds, a parakeet and a cockatiel. I found them both. You heard me, like Snow White in the forest I was outside and the parakeet landed for rest on my head. We found the other on the back fence around one year later. But besides my two birds, always cats. They were always indoor and outdoor kitties so we never seemed to have a cat for more than a few years and they’d disappear or get hit by a car or something.

But we hadn’t had a pet in a while. I asked, but my Mom said no. I don’t recall how many days later, but one afternoon I was lying on the floor watching tv when my Dad came up to me and whispered...”your Mom’s at the store, why don’t you go pick yourself out a kitten across the street.” Now, I’m not saying this was maybe a good idea, Mom said no, but I just obeyed my Dad as quick as I could with immense joy in my heart. That story right there is one of my favorite memories of my Dad growing up. My Dad is such a teddy bear.

We had that pure white kitty for something like 15 years—she grew up with me. She slept on my bed, she watched tv with me, play with me and she patiently endured all the silly things we’d do with her, like dressing her up in doll clothing. She was a great member of our family. She was great company.

Having something constant is so important, especially in childhood. I never thought of it much until we sold our home in 2004 and have lived by Faith ever since. When you live with an open hand God will hold you to it. He gives in abundant measure, but He also requires we give away as well. Sometimes it is very painful.

But God is so faithful and gentle. He tells me where the bumps in the road will be. He encourages me for the other side. And when I lose hope and faith in promises or in people, he is there. Constant.

I haven’t had a lot of “constants” in the last decade or more of my life, but I spend a lot of my energy making sure my kids had what I had, consistency. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that’s why my kids are how they are (amazing! Loving and thoughtful humans, all of them)—consistent love and boundaries in our family. Maybe you haven’t had any of this? Maybe you’ve had all of it? But there is something beautiful to be said for the willingness to be constant.

God is constant there is no doubt about it. He loves constantly and consistently. I want to be like him. He is the ultimate role model.

Holiness leads to Happiness every single time.

Help me today to love, live and give consistently because it is what you do. Being quiet doesn’t mean your not there, just like when I am quiet, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. Quite the opposite...the more we care the more we must trust in the care God bestows upon us. May my life bring constant comfort and care today. Allow me to be like my sweet kitty growing up—soft, warm and comforting to the heart and soul. May I bestow Joy all around and others may see the true, genuine and unbridled love of Christ in me. This way they may know what they could have in you, too. Thank you Lord for a family that loved me well so I might teach others of this love I’ve been given. Amen.”

Dwell in love and you will dwell in God. -William Law