Head, Hand, and Heart

My pen is my friend...

It listens, not just to my head and my words, but also my to my heart. My pen listens and then it leans~

It scratches the surface of the page. There is nothing like the flow of hand on a page and writing it all out in script.

I often times don't know what I'm going to write before I sit down to write it. Other times I have themes and small tokens of thought that drift in and out of my mind for several days or even weeks before they collect themselves and connect themselves and find their way to a page. Other times it falls upon me hard and fast like an avalanche bursting through my mind and desiring to let itself shine immediately. It all comes to me differently on any given day or any given moment. But it never fails to come.

Benefits of Writing

I love to write.

Writing energizes me and helps me connect with my inner self and find a place of balance and rest. I connect with my Creator with my pen. I worships Him with it as well. Writing isn't something I've ever had to force. It has always come quite naturally to me. It feels like home.

Writing can be a glorious escape from the cares of the day or the stress of life. As many understand the therapeutic benefits of reading, so it is for the writer to writes. For anyone who writes, you don't have to be a writer.

Writing forces you to relax.

Several years ago I wrote a book. I have about three or four copies of it stashed so I won't ever lose it. I have not yet published it. Someday I will, but when I explored this option I realized I wasn't done writing it. Not this book anyway, there were more pages to fill, but I first had to live them before I could pen them.

One thing is for certain, writing a book was one of the most freeing experiences of my life. It allowed everything out. My heart flowed out and at times gushed out upon the page as I transcribed life events. It was amazing and I felt amazing for having written it.

Where to Begin Action Assignment

You don't have to be a writer to write. Scratch down some ideas. Take notes. Journal. Express yourself to yourself on paper. You can throw it away after. Especially if you are someone who has a hard time communicating or sharing. Practice on yourself first. Try sitting down with an actual piece of paper and a pen. Take a few deep breaths. This will prepare your mind to slow down and just be. Tranquility.

Maybe make a list?

  • Recap your day.
    Write down your DMO (daily method of operation- personal goals or to do list for the day).
    Be creative.
    Say something on the page you'd like to hear someone say to you or about you.

You'll be amazed at what it does to open up the secret regions of your heart not even you knew had been left dormant or unexplored. Don't be afraid. You deserve the release it can bring!

Now, allow my pen to refresh you this morning...

I know your heart needs it. You've been given a lot, but you have also been giving a lot. I know. Giving is rewarding, but can also be exhausting. So relax into this. Feel the ease of my pen. Take my words to heart. I pray they give your day an excellent start. Because you've been designed for greater things. Ease your mind. Don't overthink it. Just drink it. If only you knew how amazing you are. You sometimes don't recognize it because you are aware of all the thoughts and emotions that run through your head. But you aren't measured by your thoughts...you are measured by the heart. And I dare say your heart is one of the biggest muscles others have ever seen. So keep leading with the heart. I understand it needs guarding. But do not allow guarding to prevent you from continuing in and to keep loving. Keep loving. Your love has been given by God to help others achieve their destiny. You never know who can't get through without you. God designed humanity with this intent, that we should need each other. You just don't always know who and how God brings that component of His Love out. So release the pressures.

Allow my heart like a salve or ointment to melt the tension away. There's nothing like a touch of love can bring. May it be a torch to ignite you. Be loved. Receive love. Know this love. It comes directly from above and has been harnessed and directed to you. You are worth it.