Holy Blaze

"Then Daniel distinguished himself...because an excellent spirit was in him..." Daniel 6:3

Have you ever known someone who did things to excellence or seen something done beyond well done? Going the extra mile and pouring your very best into something is different from "being perfect". But rather it is about allowing Gods perfection to make residence within our hearts and then flow through us as He guides us to do.

If you want to go to the next level, then you must first begin by taking some time to "press in". Pressing in is an expression I like to use when I earnestly seek the Lord. When I clear my calendar as best I can and simply "be" with my Maker.

Going to the next level also requires a willingness to live in the Fire. There must be an absolute obedience to the Holy Spirit. There must be, on imperative levels, a stoic obedience to the Truth. You must always eat it, drink it, believe it and speak it. Your life must be based on pure and absolute Truth. But the Fire will also require a willingness to endure fiery places--trials. The greater the Call of God on your life, the more vast and complex the trials. In fact, the greater the Call the more unfair and abundant the trials will be. Just like Jesus.

This is mostly because it is in the trial you gain spiritual territory, but only if you persist to overcome. The enemy doesn't mind a Believer who sits on a fence, shrinks back, or occupies the bench. He especially doesn't mind the Believer who lives for their own. The Enemy looks for the Child of God who is willing to catch the ball and run with it. The ones who understand they are not their own, they have bee purchased and they live for something greater than themselves.

When I take some time to retreat, allowing myself to sink into the arms of my heavenly Father, when I emerge I can run farther, I can do better still and I can resume my work refreshed.

I've been doing an in depth study of the Book of Daniel. It has been like fresh water to me and my Maker has supplemented the study with countless other confirmations of His will and plans for me. I've been spending a lot of time in the Fire and here's what I know. I will never change my mind about the life I've given up to be with my King. He is my everything and when you are supernaturally gifted with intense capacity to love you are forced to look above if you desire to be well loved. Nothing satisfies like Heaven. He fills my Cup so I can fill others. It's a constant conduit of Blessing.

Do not grow weary in doing good, but don't be afraid to pull away in personal retreat when you need to seek the Father, face to face, His Presence is the Most Holy Place of Excellence.

What I love most about The Upper Room story found in the Book of Acts on the New Testament is that this was where the Anointing of the Holy Spirit fell. This is where it appeared as Counselor, Friend, Confidant and Miracle Worker for the first time.

There is a wave of the Holy Spirit coming and we can either be swept up in it or overcome by it. We each get to decide.