A Pleasing Aroma…

“Let my prayer be set before You as incense, The lifting up of my hand as the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:2

Have you ever noticed all of the aroma therapy products in the market place? I love it! I am a candle lover to begin with. I try to always have my home full of candles, at least one in each room (except the boys bedrooms, of course, that would be a disaster). I love the atmosphere a lit candle creates and I absolutely adore scented candles. I fill the house with the aroma of sage, or cinnamon, spices galore. It makes me smile inside of my heart and creates an invitation to my guests through their senses. Warm. Welcome. Comfort. Rest.

Did you know that God says our prayers are like a pleasing aroma, just like the pleasure I just described when I fill my home with illumination? In fact, when we pray it is like aroma-therapy. God is so good, so gracious, so gentle and kind that instead of savoring our prayers to himself he sends the blessing or the “therapeutic benefit” of the heavenly incense back to us. Really think about this for a moment.

Have you ever had a massage? The massage therapist uses special oils with savory scents to work out deep stress in our muscles. The effects are relaxation and reduced stress with long-term health benefits associated.  Our prayers, when “scent” up to the Father, produce in ourselves Peace in the mind, Body and Soul. Our spirit becomes relaxed, tensions released, worries diminished and in turn our entire body and state of being experiences positive benefits that last.

Prayer doesn’t have to be complex, wordy or long. It isn’t about a monologue to God, but rather about communion with God. He wants to hear from you. He delights to carry your cares for you…because He cares for you. He is not mad at you. You have no worries about approaching Him. Though He is due all honor, respect and humble submission…He is the King of Kings after all. Yet, He is like a best friend. Talk to him like you would your best friend. If you can’t be transparent with God then you probably won’t be able to be transparent with anyone. There is immense freedom, liberty and Beauty with vulnerability. At the foot of God, in all of His Amazing Grace, you can be completely open and comfortable to be exactly who you are, the wonderful person He designed you to be. He created you, after all, so He knows it all anyway!

Here are a few scriptures regarding prayer to get you on your way. I am only going to include the reference. I challenge you to look them up yourself. If you do not own a Bible then use the internet; you might as well because you use it for everything else!

  •  Philippians 4:6-7
  • Ephesians 6:18
  • Mark 11:24
  • Matthew 21:22
  • Matthew 7:7

The best prayers are from the heart, but the most powerful prayers come when we actively pray scriptures into our lives. There is power in declaration.

Allow the fragrance of worship, through the action of prayer, be a pleasing aroma to your soul. May it edify you head to toe. May it fill the void and illuminate every shadowy space in your heart. May it fill you to overflowing with His Heavenly Aroma and Light. Then your heart can smile from within as mine does. He is a most faithful friend. Believe it, then receive it. God’s got your back all day everyday.

Let the fragrance of His Worship fill your soul…