A Secure Foundation for Miracles


I love the story of George Müller .

Müller was a minister who built huge orphanages and did many great things by Faith. He rarely had a resource of his own, other than gratitude. As he thanked God for the need met, while still in need, then a miracle would happen.

On one occasion he literally had an orphanage full of children who needed breakfast, but he had no food. So what did he do? He sat the children at the table and they prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving for the breakfast they were about to receive.
Soon comes a knock on the door. The town Baker had been up all night baking bread for the children. Something inside his heart woke him and caused him to feel concerned for their need to eat (though he had no way of knowing they were hungry). Shortly after this the towns Milk truck out making deliveries broke down just outside the home. The Milk Man declares Müller should keep the milk for it would spoil by the time the truck was fixed.

Breakfast served.

This and other stories of Müller’s excapades of Faith are well documented.

Imagine...what would life look like if we all did this? We'd have abundance without ever becoming spoiled.

Let not this season of gratefulness end with the last bite of pie. Thank God for the answer before it comes...as if you already held it in your hand! Miracles grow as our hearts overflow with thankfulness, gratefulness and Love.

Give thanks for your every experience for it has developed your Path. God is rich in Goodness, Kindness & Favor.

Happy On-Going Season of Thanksgiving... ~Nicole🍁

"And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful." Col. 3:15