"Until now you have asked nothing in My Name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full." John 16:24


Lord, you have placed a large dent in my heart. It cannot be pounded out. It is imprinted on my inward man for life. You are a God who loves without measure and finds delight to linger in a pasture of goodness with your people. You are slow to anger and abounding in love The world has perverted and tainted your goodness, love and justice. For man cannot love, edify, encourage or comfort as you do. However, when we are filled to the Overflow with you, we become all of those attributes- pure and true- because it is not of ourselves, but the result of time spent lingering with you.

God is LOVE. Therefore, the more of You we contain-as though we could contain you...

The more of you that takes up residence in our "house" (inner self), porch swept and welcome mat out, the more we become a reflection of You. The purer the intimacy with you, the more True the reflection.

Have you ever looked at your reflection in a mirror that was made from weak materials or was very old (antique)? What do you see? You see a reflection that resembles yourself, but doesn't truly look like you. In general, this reflection is less attractive than the beauty you actually possess. Then, you look in a mirror made of the most pristine glass...the reflection is True. An accurate and clear representation of how you actually appear.

So it is with God. The greater He flows through us the better we are at reflecting Him. Not because we are "polished" or "smooth" by the worlds definition of accuracy. But because we have been purified through the Father's Fire and Touch. We don't just love, we become LOVE. (We are able to love because He first loved us) When we become a strong reflection of God's love the better we are able to handle all circumstance and relational interactions in love...lovingly. We begin to give of ourselves through care, compassion, empathy, trust, time and resources. Others who know not this kind of love are drawn to it.

As a Christian, I want the world to know the love I have come to know. I love because it is who I am. I love better because of who He is in me. If someone comes to believe in Christ as I do as a result of me, it is because of love.

Love just because.

Those who don't know God's love or have minimal experience with love free of condition-when the love is genuine and true-will draw to it, not feeling we (or I) are being love just to "trick" or "convince" them to become a Christian, too. God does the saving, I will stick to the loving. This to me is freeing.

"If you love somebody, set them free." ~Sting

If you have never experienced the kind of love that sets your heart afire and your soul free, then pray the simple verse at the top of the screen. Ask God to show His incredible, breath-taking, heart pounding love to you. Then, you will experience the same glorious "dent of soul" I have explained to you. You are so worth it.

Be blessed...