Beyond Measure


I’m not and advocate of weighing my clients, but weigh ins are probably good to establish a baseline for goals. I keep a tape measure in my handbag because I am frequently asked to record measurements. This is indeed more accurate than a scale. Weighing and measuring helps you to know where you are, set your barometer, so you know where you want to go and about how long it will take to reach the goal. Having a purpose for your goal will drive you farther to reach it than you know! The stronger the purpose and reason the more resilient your persistence. Still, I don’t know too many women who actually enjoy being weighed and measured. So I make it as gentle, nurturing and encouraging a process as possible.

Life can sometimes make us feel we are being weighed and measured. Folks all around looking you up and down searching for flaws and inconsistencies. Demands on our schedules can leave you tattered and tired. Expectations of those we love can cause us to feel we fall short of loving them well. But there is one who weighed and measured himself so you can feel light and free. His ruler was carved from a tree mounted on the hills at Calvary.

God doesn’t want to weigh you or measure you. He wants to love you. Embrace Him today. Everything is going to be ok. You are loved. You are significant. You are valued. You are esteemed and you are very needed. ~Nicole

“May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.” Ruth 2:12