Devotion: Divine Protection

"Continuing steadfastly in prayer." Romans 12:12

Yesterday I felt the leaning on my heart of God. I had a full day and something inside me kept inclining me to want to ask a neighbor to get my middle school boys from school and I'd just get my high schooler who needs to be picked up later. But I didn't do it. There I was, sitting at a stop sign intersecting a busy street with boys in tow, when a small car takes the corner at a very high speed and t-bones my vehicle. The whole thing ended as a hit and run.

In reflection I believe God was trying to prevent my accident. But I missed it. I was too busy to realize it was God leaning on my heart and not my own mind.

Even when we miss it, His Grace prevails. None of us were injured and a car can be fixed. I had many witnesses and they were people I knew! It's amazing how much comfort there was in that in the moment.

Allow God to settle your heart. He is with you, watching your every move and sending His angels to protect you. He's got you covered! ~Nicole