Devotion on Provision

I write every day and often multiple times a day. I have scratches of ideas on pieces of paper all over the place (the house, my car, my receipts, a big dry erase board in my den). As as writer I am always writing, and sometimes I use a pen. A writer's mind never stops flowing, but I have not been a daily blogger. I write daily devotionals and words of encouragement that I post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are welcome to find me there if you would like more encouragement than just what I post here. However, I have a sweet friend who blesses me beyond measure. She looks for my blogs but does not use any social media at all. So, as a way to specifically show her in a tiny way how much value she adds to my life, I am going to try and post my dailies here as well. I hope you enjoy...

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you."

Isaiah 26:3

The Lord has been leaning much on my heart lately about encouraging others in their faith for provision. Though you may be walking through financial storms or any storm, don't look at the storm, look to God. Life is like a race with many curves, hills, ravines, but you will not be stilled. You are like a race horse.  The race horse has blinders on, keeping his focus on the race, not the obstacles around him.

Keep your eyes on Jesus not your storm. Did you know the very center of the fiercest storm is said to have perfect calm and Keeping your eyes on God will help you stay in perfect Peace.

Recap your victories. Remind God and yourself on all the times he has brought you through. Most of the time things look worse than they really are. God's got you and he promises to keep you secure and in perfect peace. Be blessed this day. ~Nicole