Devotion: Soul Thirst

"With Joy you will draw water from the wells of Salvation." Isaiah 12:3

Joy usually abides and thrives best in a place called "Content". Contentment is hard to come by in modern times for we have access to immediate gratification of every desire of our heart. It used to be young families bought a home and then over time maybe moved to a bigger nicer home or car and gradually add to life while purposing time toward a inheritance for the children. Now a days it looks more like, "I want it so I'm getting it and if I have to I will use credit." But contentment helps us fight these urges to live beyond our means.

In our last house we had carpet in all but a few rooms. The carpet was a gorgeous cream color. It looked great, until I started having a bunch of little ones. The dining room especially began to show many spots where spills had occurred. I had a fancy carpet shampoo vacuum, but this really only does a temporary fix on what has become a permanent stain. This is how it is when we use things other than the Love of Christ to fill our is only a temporary fix and before you know it we are discontent again and looking for more.

I was really bothered by the stains on my carpet...for a time. Then, over time I began to not be so bothered by it. I still tried to keep it clean, but it didn't rob my peace or Joy like it had done before. I had become content. In fact, I recall in this season the Spirit of God clearly speaking to my heart with absolutely Truth delivered in Love, "Nicole, most people care more about the spots on their carpet than the spots on their hearts." I guess for a time that was me as well. But when I accepted it for what it was, I learned to let go of the things that don't really matter and clung  strong to the things that do. Over time God blessed me with a different home, one that I didn't even ask for, and it has cherry hardwood flooring all the way through. Sometimes God waits until we are content and don't want more before he opens the door to give more. Be content and find your heart filled with Joy! ~Nicole