Do You See What I See?


A person who lacks physical sight is said to be blind. But are they? Blind persons are enormously perceptive. They are “noticers”.

The blind are accustomed to paying attention to details. Because they can’t see with their physical eyes, they see with the use of the rest of their senses collectively together. In many ways I believe they see better than the sighted world around them. They use sound, touch, feelings to perceive. They feel.

The heart is a powerful organ. It pumps blood, new oxygen bearing life to the entire body. Without it, we die.

The mind is a powerful organ. It can think, dream, calculate and problem solve. It decides for us and we must use it every moment of every day.

Both organs of vital importance, yet so much more potent when used together.

There are different types of intelligence. Our individual world is shaped by experience, ideas, what we are taught to believe and what our experiences tell us to believe. I would say nine times out of ten most people allow the mind to over rule the heart.

We must nurture and garnish it all, but God has been using my experiences and my life to show me more deeply how to use an eye sight that dwells in my soul. The eyes of the spirit are the most cunning of all, but they are attached to the spirit and the heart. It is discernment, but so much more.

Something I’ve come to understand is that people all over are heart blind. They function seemingly very well because day to day life may not require much heart and soul.

But then are those, the remnant, who know what I am talking about because they see the same as me.

I’m not saying anything negative or condescending. Anyone who knows my heart and my personality knows that is not my nature. I see more clearly than ever before. And I believe I’ve had the gift of a Seer my entire life. There have been reoccurring prophetic dreams I have had since probably the age of 8. These dreams so real, so vivid they would wake me in the night and with them I could discern an extraordinary presence. Because of the vivid nature of these dreams they were so real, but I didn’t understand what I was seeing or experiencing.

I understand now why I had to have these dreams begin as a child. I understand them now and their weight and significance even more profound because I was given such intimate foreknowledge as a child.  Prophetic dreams of future things.

As an adult, beginning in my early twenties, bear with me as my give foundational background for where I am going with this— I began having dreams that woke me with an intense heat all over my hands. I still experience this anointing to heal today. One day God will give me something to do with it. But all of these things are the gift of a Seer. To see what I realize more and more the population at large cannot see. Just as we can’t fault a blind person for not seeing we cannot fault the spiritually visually impaired from seeing God and the spirit world around us. Sounds New Age, I know. But it’s not. It’s Biblical. It’s laced all throughout the Old and New Testament. God wants His sleeping giant, the American Bride to awaken.

I had another reoccurring dream that was given me in chapters. Revelation of a scripture and it goes contrary to popular interpretation. Or does it? This passage commonly believed to be about the rapture, but what if there’s more? God is an Economizer. He can produce more with one verse than we can understand without His Spirit revealing the deeper truths. 

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.”

1 Thes. 4:16


I would see a person slumped over sitting in the curb of a street. Then I would hear a Voice of Narrative in my dream addressing me. “Nicole, what do you see?” A man, I’d reply. The Voice again, “Look closer and tell me what you see?” The man is dead. Then the Voice again, “Look closer”. And it was like my minds eye would zoom in on the slumped over man at this moment. “No.” I said. “The man is not dead, he is asleep.” Then I would wake with a startle like electric shock pierced through my body and I heard a Voice say,

“The dead in Christ will rise.”

I had the dream again. Same exact scenario with same exact questions only this time it was a woman in a rocking chair who looked slumped over like she were dead. The Voice would instruct me the same as before to look more closely. When the dream zoomed in I saw she wasn’t dead, but asleep, I could see she was breathing. Then I’d wake with a startle like my heart had been throttled and I heard a voice shake me to the quick while saying,

”The dead in Christ will rise.” 

I have more dreams and experiences of supernatural nature that speak of these things. But for now this is the only one I am released of the spirit to share. It is the first time I have ever written of it outside my journal when it happened. I fully understand a prophetic voice is judged. That’s ok. God knows my Name, He gave it to me...Prophetic Intercessor and Encourager to Man.

Is it possible that this scripture is about revival?

Awake Sleeping Giant.

It’s time to See.

It’s time to breathe New Life in Thee.

God give us circumstance and experience to help us See as we ought to. With the Heart. With the Spirit. Full Capacity. Full Sight. It’s time for the sleeping giant to rise.

Awaken, Beloved, Awaken.

God intends to jumpstart your heart.

New life.

May the Holy Spirit kiss your soul and agitate it in such a way you will want more of the Lord. A Genuine Touch is more precious than gold.

Not everyone wants to go to the Mountain top, just ask Moses. But Joshua did...

The dead in Christ will rise.

God is coming for His Sleeping Bride.

“It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber,

like a champion rejoicing to run his course.”

Psalm 19:5 

Bless those the Lord would have eyes and ears to hear by His Spirit what He desires them to hear from my pen. And may I receive my blessing for obeying His Voice and willingly allowing Him to use my voice.

Comfort and Rest in Abundance,

Nicole 💫