Doubt Deflector

Have you seen the movie 300? It's kind of dark and mystical (which disturbs my spirit), but it has so much merit as well. I could write a lot using analogies from that movie. So, I will right now.

The King and his 300 finest advance against the King of Persia to defend Sparta, Greece. They know they won't be going home. Their purpose, to so make the Persian King doubt his ability to conquer because of the force of the 300 that when he meets the real army he will be intimidated to failure. The Spartans are this is where the root word actual comes from. In one scene the Persian messenger tells a Spartan soldier that they are so outnumbered that a mere launching of arrow would flood the sky so thick with darkness it would blot out the sun. The Spartan soldier begins to snicker a smile and replies back, without hesitation, "Then we will fight in the shade." Complete confidence.

This is how we should be with God. Our confidence in who He is, what His Word says about Him and what He is capable of doing. We need to make our mindset like that of the Spartan soldier...if the fiery darts are so thick to create shade then we will fight you in the shade. That is the ultimate no limits mindset! Absolute, resolute Belief!

This kind of Belief is difficult for most Americans because we are mostly self sufficient. Most have not ever had to trust God to such a level. But I deeply believe He is beginning to stir the hearts of His people to believe so stoically.

What are you believing for? Have you been unemployed a long time and believing for a job? Maybe you don't like your job, but see no way out and no advancement up. Is it your health? Believing for a healing, but you've been sick so long? Maybe it's a relational issue that seems to only get worse not better?

It does not matter how thick the clouds overhead, how raging the storm, or how tall the mighty mountain...with one touch from God it has to fall. But we have to be sold out in belief.

Hold high your shield of Faith and deflect every arrow of doubt that clouds your mind.

Some believe, but look for and are content with a smaller version of Gods best because it's the only miracle their faith can believe.

I challenge you, God is Big, Larger than Life. Don't believe small as though you were asking for enough rain to fill a cup of water. Believe for Tsunami size waterfall of refreshment, blessing and provision!

Don't give up! Remember Samson? His was kind of a tragic story, but God has good for us to glean from it. His life was in ruin, all Hope appeared to be lost. He hadn't any strength left, literally, his supernatural power was gone. But he mustered up some courage and He prayed. He asked God for enough strength to push hard and press in to God one last time. He gave it everything he had. Every ounce of heart and belief he pushed on the pillars of disbelief and the walls came tumbling down.

You don't have to die a martyrs death to believe for big things, but muster up a Samson size courage and draw from His well of Faith and water your belief. God has a design on your life and he isn't finished yet.

Hold on, because this is going to be good!


"My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62:5