Filter Free Longevity

The art of being a relational individual is learning to speak the language of others. I'm not talking about foreign language, though this may apply also. I'm talking about learning to see the perspective of others. Peoples history/background shapes their reality. When people have a vastly different background than you, they perceive and interpret encounters and situations differently than yourself. They may hear the exact same statement and their filter received and interprets it far differently than you do. So, even if you can't relate to them, you can more effectively love them by learning to see things through their eyes. God will help you crystallize their perspective and give you His power to help them gain break through and maybe they will in turn help you learn, too. The more we all read the Word, watch, listen and pray the more we reflect his image and gain unity with all sorts of various peoples. This is what unites the Body of Christ...Oneness is Beautiful. ~Nicole

" in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."
Romans 12:5