Find Your Niche

Work within your gifts and you will never miss!

I recently ran into an old friend who I hadn't seen in quite some time. We caught up on life and then she began to share about her passion for working with children. She shared how a woman told her how hard her job looked and tedious as well. But my friend wisely explained to the woman why it brought her no feelings of tediousness at all...because it was her passion, her gifting and calling of God to work with kids. She knew the other woman had a special gift/talent that she enjoyed. So my friend made an analogy or example using the area the other woman enjoyed. She said you could see the woman's light bulb go off in her head. She understood that when she did what she loved it didn't feel like work at all.

God has gifted each of us distinctly and uniquely. When we know what our spiritual gifts are we can work within them and find great joy, fulfillment and become extremely productive. We look forward to the work even if we aren't getting paid. Even when we are tired or the work is hard we still receive a sense of satisfaction because the Lord edifies our heart and soul. A person who is edified-heart and soul- will always come back for more and give 110%. But when people don't know where they fit in to the scheme of things and they are trying to help or work for God's glory, but unknowingly in the wrong area for them, they will fall apart at the seams. They will dread the work and begin to drag their feet or avoid the job all together.

This is why any organization, business for profit or volunteer army, needs to equip the people with the identification of their call and giftings. When this is done, they can find their niche and they will work with incredible heart toward a common goal. They will become more deeply motivated. Team moral with be high and they will do all their work with an incredible sense of pride of the best kind.

If you do not know your spiritual gifts there are a variety of resources to help you identify your niche. Find the fit for you and use your abilities to bless others. Watch and see how much you will be blessed in return! God's army is a volunteer army and we can do so joyously and with absolute harmonious unity! You are on a team and your gifts matter!


"There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord."
1 Cor. 12:4-5