Forward Thinking

A Forward Thinker does things differently. They take a chance and move ahead whether or not it is popular or common. Forward Thinkers are Pioneers who go before and usually carve a path for others to follow along. Forward Thinkers are progressive in nature. It would be outside themselves to be anything different. Forward Thinkers are people of Vision. They see with their minds eye, their heart and soul long before anything is ever seen in the natural. Forward Thinkers know how to sacrifice. They understand that sometimes they have to give up a little bit now to have a lot more later.

Jesus Christ was the greatest Forward Thinker humanity has ever known. He saw a need in the human condition so He placed himself with honor into a seat of submission, leaving His Throne of Grace to take on a human face in an effort to save the human race. He took the chance that you would believe in His Name. He knew he'd walk the earth without accolades or fame, but He didn't come for that. So He endured lovingly the sting of Calvary. He did this for you. He did this for me. He gave Himself up so you could go up. He died so you could live.
Embrace His gift and watch yourself reign Victoriously with Him. The Author and Perfecter of our Faith. Be touched by Heavens Kiss.
Be blessed and rest in Him.

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

John 15:13