Give and Take

In 2001 my heart grieved as a mentor who greatly impacted my life passed prematurely. Yet, the mark he left on my life still remains. Within a week of his passing a dear friend who walked through terminal disease received a miraculous life saving double lung transplant.
God gave and God took away.
Both lives still impact me today. This Christmas time I've been crying empathetic tears for friends who lost a loved one to the grave. Yet, several I know announced a baby on the way or introduced a child into the world.
God gives and God takes away.

Life is here today and gone tomorrow. Seasons change, but whatever God does remains. Your physical body will one day perish, but the mark you leave is an imprint, a legacy, that is timeless. You are leaving a lasting mark everyday. Let's stain the hearts and lives of others with beauty. ~Nicole

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven..." Ecc. 3:1