Does life have you feeling deflated?

My youngest received a foil balloon along with a gift from a friend on his birthday this past January. This balloon seemed to last forever. But I noticed just the other day that it was low and dragging about the ground with only a little more than a wisp of lift to it.

Sometimes that's how we can get if we allow the cares of this world drag us down. If this is you, then I've got words of encouragement for you today...

God may have let life sift you, but He is getting ready to shift you and elevate you to higher ground! What you've been through is not a reflection of who you are destined to be. You are fabulous. You are doing great things. Nothing now is going to break your stride or hold you down. He has got for you the Victor's Crown! KEEP MOVIN'!

Up & Out...that's what I'm talking about! ~Nicole

"Truly, I am full of Power by the spirit of the LORD." Micah 3:8