Honor Is Seed

She bowed down with her face to the ground and said, “I am your servant and am ready to serve you and wash the feet of my lord’s servants.” 1 Samuel 16:41

I've been reading about the women in the Bible with some friends. Right now I am studying Abigail in particular. I find her fascinating. Her story occupies a brief span of time in the Word, but it is packed with pivotal truth in action that possibly directed the future of King David. I find her to be a source of God's Divine intervention practically played out in the life of a King.

Let's put our feet in Abigail's shoes for a moment. If you don't know her story it's found in 1 Samuel 16. Abigail is said to be both attractive and intelligent. She was a sensible women with a level head. This alone is admirable considering women tend to be emotional so when you find one who can be in touch with her emotion yet in control of her emotion, that's truly unique.

Abigail was a blessed woman. Blessed by the things I just said and blessed tangibly as her husband was a man of notoriety and success. But the passage also says her husband was unreasonable and difficult. Imagine her home life? She was probably quite accustomed to walking on eggshells. She most likely knew what to say and what not to say to keep peace. She no doubt was a woman of wisdom and was skilled in the art of public relations. After all, look at how she smoothed things over with David despite her husband's ability to insult a king! But Abigail had a pure and good heart and she did what was right.

Why would a woman like Abigail find herself married to someone like Nabal? I haven't done extensive study of the culture of the day, but it brings questions to mind. I'm sure Women of her day had little choice or say in who they married. Marriages were arranged. So how could a caring loving God allow Abigail to be united in a union such as this? This is where we could have marvelous discussion!

Here's one scenario that crosses my mind. God knew Abigail's character, strengths and ability to connect with people and operate like relationship glue so to speak. He knew this about her. He knew she was gentle yet strong and could handle the adversity this man would bring her life. So God used it to prepare her for her future. Her marriage was her refiners fire. As a result, Abigail actually became even better at public relations and easing tense situations because of all the practice she had had with her husband!

God is always looking at the bigger picture. He makes decisions for your life based on His ultimate purpose for your life. He looks out for you as you walk through difficulties and the most trying of circumstances. But watch and see if it can't turn into a full bloom garden of goodness for you! Never give up. Don't quit. God's got you covered and your destiny will never fail to begin if you just hang in there. God is the best public relations advocate of them all. He can hold it all together for you!

Ladies--questions for reflection:

As a wife, how can you better honor your husband even when you don't agree with him or find him difficult or demanding? How can your timing of choices and word selections ease your situation? Speaking our mind is not always the timely word that will ease the situation. Learn from Abigail and end your own personal frustration.