I made it!

Just a little note to get things up and running. Just set up my blog account and trying to figure it all out. So bear with me! It may sound cliche, but I am truly inspired by anyone who is willing to spend their valued time reading my posts. So, I will do my utmost to make it time well worth your while. It is my goal to inspire, encourage and pour value into every human being I come into contact with. You are valued, loved and blessed beyond reason. Sometimes, life gets us down, when the majority of the things we encounter daily are negative. So, let me put a little positive into your day. I have a lot of stories...A LOT OF STORIES! No doubt will they blow you away.

I do not shy away from sharing my faith in an incredible God who has brought me so far in this journey of life. It is an adventure! I guess I am a closet thrill seeker. I would much rather take steps of faith and dare to live the impossible than to play it safe and watch others do it. Let's Believe together. Your dreams, my dreams, let us dream together. For a strand of two or more is not easily broken. Thanks for taking a moment to check things out and let's get this blog thing started! Blessings be yours today and every day...Nicole

Oh, I almost forgot! I would LOVE feedback on anything I post or anything you would like me to write about. I can't promise I will always be able to deliver, but with the right inspiration I know I can pull out something of worth. Couldn't do any of this without the inspiration you all provide me. I thrive on people... YOU ARE POWERFUL!