"I Pick YOU"

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”

John 15:16

All the boys and girls lined up against the wall looking the same direction, a unified direction, with their gaze upon the Captain of the Team. The Captain stood with his implement in His hand, be it a ball, or a bat, or a glove. It was time to choose His team. All the children waited and hoped to be “picked”. Who would he pick first? Who would he pick last? Then some kids worry that they won’t get picked at all, but shall remain the last child on the wall. The last child on the wall usually gets bartered one team or the other with the other last mingling, unselected few.

Has this ever been you? Every child has the experience of waiting to get picked for the team. Whether it’s with the neighborhood kids playing outside, school recess, or on higher levels at a try-out for the most desirable and competitive teams. Nobody ever wants to be called out last…or worse still, not at all.

There are many reasons why the team is selected in the order that it is. Some are picked purely because they have raw skill and talent. Let’s face it, every team has the objective to WIN. To win and to win big, you want the most skilled players on the team. Those kids get picked first. They may be the strongest, or the fastest or the best overall skill at every position. Then there are those who are picked purely for popularity. Maybe the Captain is their close friend or relative. Kids are selected, one by one, until the team is complete.

A good team, a really good team has chemistry. In our house we are brain washed by my husband to be die hard Red Sox fans (and the Celtics, and the Patriots…he is from New England). So, you can imagine the game was on every night of the World Series. My daughter is an avid Red Sox enthusiast and she was glued to the TV.

What does it mean for a team to have chemistry?

Chemistry equals Unity; plain and simple. They know each other’s strengths and they capitalize on them to be successful. They rely on one another and they are focused on a common goal.

Think of the team. I don’t even know how many people are on a baseball team, a lot, I know that much. They work together everyday, each with their own special skill set they bring to the organization. Picked, for that special quality the Manager and Owner of the team feel will contribute to the winning season…a winning team. I can only speculate that not every member of that team is best of friends. They work together. This is their job, and one they love. There are probably little cliques of guys that hang together more than others. Some of them may not get along at all off of the field. But once they step out onto the green; that is all left behind them. They tap into the dream to succeed and they work together in unity. A fluid, organized oneness…  CHEMISTRY.

They can feel it and the fans can feel it, too.

Let’s go back to the wall with the ball and the children waiting to be picked. They won’t all aspire to play in the major league, some don’t even really want to play that much at recess, but they all have one thing in common. They want to be picked.

Did you know that God looks down from Heaven upon all that He created and says, “I pick YOU”?  Yes, you. He picked you first, never last. See, the thing about being on God’s team that is so unique and special is that you are never the last to be picked because there is always room for one more player. The team is never full. The team never hears the Master say, “we have all the talent we need.” No, quite the contrary…

He has wired, created, purposed and INVESTED richly into each one of us to be a unique blend of His likeness and He desires that we not deny that Power He has placed in us. He wants to polish us so we are a captivating reflection of His Glory like the sparkle of a diamond. Imagine, if we are collectively united and allow His chemistry to flow through our unity and we sparkle so bright it breaks forth through the darkest of night and radiates His pure and glorious Light. Chemistry.

Quite frankly, the team just isn’t complete without you. You are needed and necessary more than you can ever possibly know. I hope right now the stroke of my pen (or swipe of the key) will be like a stroke upon your heart. That you may know the Comfort and Encouragement that only God can bring. He wants to polish the luster of your Shine for you are His and He is yours. You are Chosen.

“I Pick YOU”…









Some organize, some cook and show amazing hospitality. Some can administrate, some can teach, preach, speak. Some can help so much with the everyday tasks and some are wired to encourage and love those to help them persevere through the most grueling or tiring tasks. We are One.

We are His Collective Body.

We were made to Shine.

We were made to be Great.

We were made to WIN…


Bless you this day and each and every day…for you are Chosen and dearly Loved.