Inspiration for Your Day


"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy." Matthew 5:7

You are blessed and highly favored of God. His breath is in you and He desires for His Glory to flow through your veins.

When you slow down and look around you will notice...People all around are hurting and in need of love, affection, acceptance. When we know this, we can love them by example of Christ.

You don’t always have to do anything “special”, just be you. You have a sparkle, a smile, a sense of style all your own that leads by example.

We can handle every care or struggle of our own or another with care, confidence and class.

You have the power to Illuminate.
Heavenly Grace...

You are a Champion, born to make a difference.
The Lord only creates the most stellar human beings—you are one. Do you believe it? Try!

Soar high and dispel the night while your there. Release every care and simply Shine.✨