Just Like Noah…

I've been studying the life of Noah in the Bible recently. Just this morning this is what I journaled about being a modern day Noah:

"Noah was a man who walked with God. Noah did something nobody understood and it saved lives. Be the Noah of your neighborhood."

Noah was a Difference Maker who was willing to do what no one else was willing to do. He was willing to obey God and do the peculiar...the odd...the faithful obedience to believe in a GOD who moves in peculiar ways. I am devoted to my Heavenly Father with wreckless abandon. A kind of loyalty that will follow wherever he leads.

For about 10 yrs, at least, I can relate to Noah in my testimony of peculiar (to man) obedience. Okay, it is peculiar to me also...but I watch what he tells me in detail unfold faithfully. To make the point drive deeper in my heart, we have a really gorgeous family of Morning Doves in our yard. All day, as I trained clients and did yard work, the male dove literally kept me company. He remained close to me as though he was watching over me with Heaven's Peace. When I was driving home from school with the boys I was telling them of it...and there he was. The male, perched on the high peek of my extremely steep roofline with a branch in his beak. Again, it reminded me of Noah and his glorious and mysterious Ark.

I want be the Noah of my neighborhood.


"...Noah walked with God." Genesis 6:9

There is NOTHING as satisfying as a deep friendship with God. I adore the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Draw near to him...He wants friendship with you.