Know Your Assignment

"In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it—
one from the house[a] of David—
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness." Isaiah 16:5

God had designs on the life of young David. A shepherd boy in the making by mans definition, but this was only partly true for God has defined and designed his life for greater things. He was called to Shepherd the Land. He was called to be King.

God knew the heart of the boy and the depth of soul in the man. But he wasn't made king overnight-God had to season his heart and mind to be a deeper reflection of Christ so he could handle the depth and breadth of the mantle-for Kingdom's sake.

This is how it is with us. When things don't go right or well,  people tend to grumble and fuss. They begin to wonder where God is-can he be trusted? Has he forgotten? Is he punishing?

But this is not the case at all.

The Lord administers discipline to those he loves because he loves. It is a form of protection. If there is anything I have learned in my life of Faith obedience-living by Faith-it's the power of God's TIMING.

He is the cultivator of all things good, pure and fruitful.

He wants to get the most abundant fruit in our heart and lives so he prunes and sculpts us according to the call. The bigger his plans for you the harder the tests will be...and they usually have a bit of longevity in addition to intensity. This is to develop our ability to push through and persevere. He wants his Bride to have a "No Quit Mindset".

Do not be discouraged. (Deuteronomy 31:8)
Do all things without complaining.(Philippians 2:14)

God takes every trial, test or difficult thing we go through in life and it is like the mortar for the molding. He then sets about to reprogram our thought process.

Experience leaves pathways in the mind and heart and we naturally cling to them as new experiences arise. Our brain is like a big filing system. We assimilate and accommodate. But under the guiding hand of Christ he resets our mind and heart and we begin to think and do more like him. The more we yield to his refinement and drop our guard toward it- the easier it goes. If we are stubborn to it he takes it slow. He won't force us to live our Divine Destiny. He gives us the choice. The more we trust and obey, the more we receive abundantly. The more we resist, the more blessing is lost. Obedience is imperative to the Victorious life of a Believer!

Trust God. Let him remold the patterns of your mind. He can take the challenges of your childhood, your relationships, your family life, work life or any care in life and use it to help design your life. Under his care, he walks with you there, and is using it to groom you for greater things. He is with you even now.

David continued to trust God through many barren years full of battles and bloodshed. Through it all he did not waiver in his devotion to God, nor renounce his promises. He stuck it out and look at what he received!  God went to work, delivered him and set a crown on his head. He will do the same for you. So polish that crown, hold your head high, keep your heart gentle and greet the world head on with a smile.

You've been made for more.