"The humble He guides in justice, And the humble He teaches His way." Psalm 25:9

Humility is such a difficult thing to speak about or write on, yet the Word of God clearly requires that we walk in it. The thing about humility is to be truly humble we must never truly know we are. For as soon as we dare believe we are humble...well, that wouldn't be humble!

"Humility is so shy, as soon as you talk about it, it leaves."
~Jimmy Pena

How do we teach humility, walk in humility and behave with humility while still never truly thinking ourselves humble? Good question!

This is why we can glean wisdom from the One who hung himself in great humility upon of tree all for the sake of loving you and me. As we seek to do all things for HIS benefit and HIS Namesake, we will find ourselves on a path that is merciful and true. Humility always comes before true honor and pride always comes before a fall. It is better to start at the bottom and rise up than to be at the top and fall down.

Below you can find a link to what the bible has to say about humility. Pray through them, searching the heart and inviting the Lord to examine it. It is not enough to measure our level of pride or humility by others around us or the barometer of the current day and age. No, we measure against the plump line. For who measures against something they have already surpassed? When you want to become better in any given area of life you must glean and grow from someone who is wiser, more experienced and successful in the said area. We don't try to learn mastery from a novice, so is the same with our character. Charles Spurgeon says it well,

" Let us measure ourselves by our Master, and not by our fellow-servants, then pride will be impossible."

Guard your hearts from pride of every kind. Being rich in good works and the ability to follow rules may be the correct recipe for haughtiness and arrogance. Education can be much the same. Maybe wealth or possessions are a source of pride for many. Pride can also be a camouflage for intense insecurity. Only God needs to know why pride gives rise in an individual, but the only way to get rid of it is to shun "it", the spirit of pride. Take the word of God to heart and marinate in it. God has created you for more than where you are today. Walk in humble thoughts of yourself, exalting others higher and never thinking higher of ourself than we ought. You are hard wired to overcome. Remember, there is no condemnation for Gods people. You may not struggle with pride, but it is a dangerous place to begin to judge another for presumed pride. That in itself is arrogance.

Know that God's thoughts toward you are grand. Nothing in this post is designed to make anyone feel condemned or accused. If you have struggled your way through this read then possibly God is highlighting an area of need. He loves you too much to let pride devour your blessings in life. Today is a great day to send pride away and grab hold of all that waits before you. The best is yet to come. ~Nicole