More than enough…

Who sets the mountains in there place? God did, by the Power of His Love.

Who caused the tide to rise and the waves to roll? God did, by the Power of His Love.

With His Love He spoke Creation to exist. He balances the universe with a whisper and by His kiss we have access to His Presence, Care and Touch.

Nobody else can Love you like that.

Today is a NEW DAY and I know that for you, God's got a lot to say and do to move mountains and obstacles for you. You can look around in absolute awe and gratitude for where He has brought you and what He has done and know without a doubt, He is only getting warmed up. He always saves the best gifts for last. Savor that notion. Let it sink, deep in your heart. Sit with it. Commune with it. Bind your heart to it. Prepare to be blessed. ~Nicole