Natural Shine

"Be imitators of God..." Ephesians 5:1-2

I walked into a dark room in my home the other night that had low lighting from a bunch of led light candles. When I walked in I was carrying a small, votive candle that was already lit and I sat it on the counter. I immediately noticed something that shouldn't have surprised me, but did. The one tiny flame of the candle outshines the light of the many led lights in the room. Why? Because natural light shines brighter than synthetic light. I was surprised because it was so small a candle and I have 14 led light candles in this particular room, but it was still brighter! That's how it is with you. God designed you and put you here for a purpose. You could never be like anyone else. You're too big for'd break the mold and the amazing would unfold. God's Prized Possession! Let that natural light burn bright by just being yourself! ~Nicole