Nothing But The Blood

There is an old hymn that goes, "What can wash my sin away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Oh precious is the flow that can make me white as snow. No other fountain I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus."

I was raised Baptist by parents who never went to church as kids, but met Jesus in a radical way as adults. I have full gospel spiritual gifts since childhood that eventually lead my heart to a Pentecostal church. I am called of God to the Protestant community, but I am also emersed in the Catholic community with work, friendships and my children's eduction. I love them all!

Jesus came without a denomination outside of being Jewish and He preached without get the idea.

We are unified by the Love and the Atoning Grace of the Son to be ONE. I always tell people that as the Body of Christ we focus on what we have in common- saving Grace-and we can agree to disagree if need be on lesser things. After all, we are all in error in our well meaning theology to a degree. I think we will all get to heaven and have an aha moment where we are taught by Jesus himself and say outloud in unison, "Oh, is that what you meant?!"

God loved you enough to die for you. Don't sweat the small stuff because God died for all of them as well. When we exalt the Lord, not a method of teaching, everything will be alright! Ask God today to continually purify your filter for a religious mindset. God wants you completely free! I think there are things all individuals do that may have a bit of a religious feel. We aren't always aware of the mind sets that need to be re calibrated. You don't even have to be a "churchy" individual to be religious. Growing up in church I so loved God deep. I could feel that connection with his Diety. I knew I had innate deep loyalty to Him. I wasn't turned off by church, but wasn't turns on by it either.
I just sort of looked around (from my heart) and thought quietly to myself..."I somehow think what Jesus meant looks a little different from this. I think there is more to being a Chrisitan than belief and good behavior."

I'm not entirely sure who this post is for, but I know the the Lord will use it and He cares about your heart. He's got me up at O'Dark Hundred to write it!

Be blessed in the Lord and the Glorious Might of his Power. He longs to lavish and shower you with His Goodness...full of Purity from overly religious things...He just wants to be buddies!