Properly Fed


There are so many fads and trends with fitness and nutrition. If you study their history you realize that nothing is truly new. Every fitness and eating plan recirculates and comes back “in style” or “trending” under a different name. What used to be the rage, the Atkins Diet, is now back, but relabeled for what it really is “Keto Diet”. Both diets nothing more than extreme carb restriction or elimination in order to put physiology in a state of ketosis.

Pilates was all the rage a few years back, but was just another blast form the past. Kettlebell training can found all around and you can see people doing an entire workout with the use of kettlebells only. But kettlebells were really the early generation dumbbell as it was easiest to mold the iron in one solid shape. Nothing new.

So many choices for fitness and nutrition a person can become excessively bogged down with choices. Choices can be an immense blessing or they can be your great curse. Which diet is best for you? How many calories do I need anyway? Am I drinking TOO much water (yes that is possible)? Do I eat bread or not? Wheat? Do I need to be gluten free? Do people really have a rise in celiacs disease or is it just a trending diagnosis? Is it trendy to be gluten free?

Every person with proper education and assessment can truly simplify it and find your groove with a meal plan and fitness plan that’s right for you. In my opinion it’s all quite simple.

✅Eat Whole Foods.
✅Consume lean meats (not bashing vegetarians or vegans, but specific nutrients are only found in meat).
✅Lots of veggies and fresh fries don’t count.

Years ago a research study discovered that most children ate next to no vegetables and the only exception was a potato in the form of a french fry. In all of our convenience our health has become extraordinarily compromised. No longer are our children expected to live a longer life than their parents. The mortality predictions for the up and coming generations are not too fabulous.

So what can we do?

✅Start small.
✅Begin adding vegetables.
✅Slowly begin to reduce amounts of sugar in your diet.
✅Begin reducing and eliminating processed foods.

And don’t forget your spirit.
Soul strength is the most important strength.

Feast on Living Water and the Bread of Life. Neither of these will cause disease. The only discomfort will be the challenge of heart to live up to your God given potential.

You’ve got potential.
Don’t let the Devil trick you into believing He can’t sabotage your destiny with poor nutrition choices and lack of activity. He will subtly work to subtract years off of your life, make you miserable (huge correlation between sugar consumption and depression), and eventually bring sickness and disease into your body making you completely in effective to fulfill your Life’s Calling.

Your health and wellness will be specific to you. The Spirit will guide your choices because He knows your specific genetic makeup. He knows your areas of health weakness and strength. He knows your very gaps of nutrition. For me, it was simple sugars in the form of breads and cereals. These may be alright for you. But I distinctly recall standing in my kitchen eating a bowl of Grape Nuts cereal and I heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear, “What I have for you is better than what that bowl of cereal has to offer.” He had already been working on me to stop eating cereals and certain breads (not all breads...I consume sprouted grain breads and an occasional bite or two of something else). So these words pierced my heart so deep I tossed out the remainder of the bowl and never looked back.

For you it may be something else he wants you to sacrifice. It’s ultimately about surrender and sacrificial obedience. There’s blessing in it.

You are so valuable to the Kingdom.
You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You have a mantle creating your shoulders like none other.
Heaven looks upon you and the Heart of Heaven peddles faster.

Honor your Lord and Master.
Honor your Body.
Honor Him with your time in every arena of your life.
This is like a continual profession of worship.
We need you here a long, long time.♥️

I believe in you...


Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’
Matthew 4:4