Purity and a Bunny


Several years ago my kids came running toward me from the back field with a very young rabbit in their arms. They were so excited to show me what they had found. After asking a series of questions it seemed the only answer I could find was that maybe it had just been driven out to the country and dumped...finding its way into our yard and our life. I didn't want it to be eaten by a hawk so we decided to keep it and make it a pet. This rabbit was beautiful. It was purest white without a single flaw or blemish of color. It did not have the usual red eye of albino variety you'd expect on a pure white rabbit, she had blue eyes, deep and clear. We named her, Purity.

We had Purity for a few years and enjoyed her company. She eventually died from what we believe was the bite of a black widow we found in the back of her cage the same morning she faded.

Life can draw parallel from my cute little rabbit.

God seeks us to come to him and serve him in absolute purity. It is good to be good and do good, but what he is really after is an unblemished heart-pure like the fur of my rabbit. Pristine. Clean. He wants us to "love well".

The world is a tough place and seems to grow tougher by the hour. The scriptures talk about guarding Purity for it becomes the prey--just like my rabbit and the spider that day. You have to guard your heart, guard your mind, protect who you are in Christ and continue to grow in him. Then you can lead a life that is spotless and shines just as my little rabbit did.

Every person is leading someone or something. Believers are all called to lead, even if it's only your own life and choices. You have influence-more than you know. Others watch and look to you. The greater the purity of heart, purity of love and purity of motive the more respect and honor from others to you will be devoted. You've got so much to offer so let it shine through...Glorious. ~Nicole
"He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands." Psalm 78:72