Risky Faith Unfolded…

In the past, I’ve used analogy from the story of race horse, Secretariat, the greatest race horse to live. I love this story and God uses it much to speak to my heart and relate it to the desires of His heart for my obedience to live and make choices according to His Purpose and Destiny for my life. I own the Disney movie depicting the tale and I will occasionally pull it out and watch it just to spark the fire of zeal that I know is within me.

Yesterday, as I pray, he once again lay an analogy on my heart from the story of Secretariat. There is a scene in the movie where the owner, Penny Tweedy, is about to lose her father’s farm. She needs millions of dollars to pay Uncle Sam in order to keep the Ranch. So, she does the unthinkable…she petitions other horse breeders to buy breeding rights on her champion horse (who has raced well, but has yet to distinguish himself in the elite racing community). She asks an exorbitant sum of money, but receives no takers. She doesn’t give up, but meets with the most influential of all horse breeders and her stoic confidence in her horse sways him to buy. His leadership causes all the other breeders to follow his lead and she raises the needed money to save the farm. However, there is a catch, a “performance clause” that pretty much guarantees her horse has to win the Triple Crown. It was the risk of all risks. Her neck, reached out far. Penny sustained much pressure from her family for her step of faith, but she believed with everything in her in her horse and what he could do. Secretariat did not disappoint because if you know the story, he not only won the Triple Crown but the final race was won by a miraculous 31 lengths, placing this unlikely horse and it’s unlikely homemaker owner, in record making history.

God is not a race horse, but He is a Miracle Maker.

He thrives to see His kids reach out and do the extraordinary with the exact expectation in His ability to perform that Penny Tweedy had in her horse. He wants us to defy odds,

step out in absolute and resolute belief.

He wants us to gamble on HIM!


If God is moving your heart to do something, no amount of self-will can make it go away. You can't shake it, and He will see you through it, once you decide to put your hand to the plow and do it. Never shrink back in fear, but instead, find that fire in your eye and that zeal in your bones and begin to step out and do the unthinkable with absolute confidence that God is who He says He is, can do what the Bible claims He can do, and what history shows us to be True.

He will fulfill that Performance Clause for YOU!

God is the Author and Finisher of our faith. If you have sought His face, followed His lead, then you know He has equipped you and will see you through because He always finishes what He starts. When you know you’ve done your part, then you praise His name and watch Him show up and do His part. He will never leave you or forsake you! I find so much comfort in that. You can trust Him!

Big rewards require a big faith in a big God who can do anything.

You can place enormous Hope in His Performance…

“Dear Lord,


We dare to risk and put everything on the line, taking risks to see a greater glimpse of your Flawless Character. Just like Secretariat we are making a Performance Clause available and placing a wager on your ability to perform, Almighty. We can do some things and cannot do everything, but some things are for only you to do. Have your Will and we will watch and see and give you all the Glory. We possess intense belief today that you always come through and will do what only you can do. Amen!”


“It is about the greatness of God, not the significance of man. God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself.” ~John Piper