Delays are not denials in the Kingdom of God. Rest. God does the work and you will be blessed. He has seen every seed sown. Every opportunity to bless and offer hope to others has been known to God. He sees it all. He may seem quiet, but He resides behind the scenes faithful and loyal just as you have been to Him.

These are words the Lord penetrates my pen with this morning. Living at rest is a beautiful balance. When you know you are in the Lord’s will for your life you can have Peace—and you do, because you know He has a plan and is watching over you. Your seeds have been sown in good soil.

Yesterday was a day of deep joy for me. It contains an example and the inspiration for this post. As many people know, but not all, my husband and I sold our home in 2004 and gave all of the proceeds away. Much fruit resulting from this step of obedient faith. Though many questioned why God—if it was God at all—would request such a thing? At the time I wasn’t sure. I knew it was Him and I knew it was Biblical (he asked every disciple in the first century to do the same). I knew mostly it was about what He was doing inside of us. It was about building a foundation of stoic and resolute faith that couldn’t be easily shaken. He did all of that. But what I am witnessing now— is how He is harvesting fruit in my children’s lives as a result of it.

All of my kids have burning hearts of compassion for the underprivileged and the down and out. My daughters entire college senior project was about homeless in our community.

Let me set the stage for how God blessed me yesterday...

Part of our faith cultivation journey included being homeless for a season. Not by our choice—but we saw God in all of it. In this season we lived in various hotels in our community for one perfect calendar year. Every hotel we lived in we consecrated with anointing oil and prayed over the neighborhood. The Spirit would reveal to our hearts in revelatory dreams and prayer the strongholds of the neighborhood. At the end of the year-one perfect calendar year—God opened the door and released us and gave us a home. Just like that, overnight. We then sat down with a map of the city and marked the very places God had lead us to reside and had received prayer and anointing. Do you want to know what God did? We didn’t know at all because we were in the thick of it—but He stood tall above it all and saw clearly what He was doing...

We had anointing in such a manner that we painted in holy oil a cross over our entire city. We had “Crossed” or anointed the entire city!

“Stockton is the city where Jesus lives”, The Spirit has spoken to my soul for almost two decades that this is what they would say.

Stockton is a City of Righteousness—a Holy beacon of light sitting on a hill—emitting True and Pure and Perfect Light.

During that season it was hard for me to understand what we endured. But I saw immediate fruit in how I had children who were grateful and humble and rarely ask for material things in a space in history where children are growing more spoiled and disrespectful.

In that season God didn’t provide all we wanted, but He did provide what we needed and how He did it was oh so unique. It came in waves. Sometimes we’d receive ridiculous payments for services like clients paying for an entire year in advance. Unheard of! But it would be just what we needed to sustain our unique lifestyle. God will give you what you need and sometimes He waits and does it all at once.

God is unique in his timing...this is one resounding theme I learned deeply when we lived in hotels and have continued to see over and over in how He provides and guides. He is a Master of Timing.

Let me collect my thoughts—about yesterday...seeds...dreams...promises...

I was proof reading a paper for my college aged son and it blessed me through to see the words on the paper speak of choosing compassion vs. greed. He spoke of those in need and the responsibility we each hold to care for the sick, poor, needy, homeless. Compassion dripped from the pages he had written. That’s a by product of good seed. My heart melted.

Then last night—it’s a bit of a backstory but basically my daughter was up for a job that offered a very impressive package. It would have required her to relocate. The company was pursuing her. But she could feel the Spirit lead her elsewhere. She knew He wanted her in our city, helping at her church with rebranding and graphic design (her expertise) and then she could hear him whisper to her to knock on a specific door at the Stockton Alliance. Not only did they open, they opened that door wide. As they gave her the job they also gave her a tour of the downtown community where she’d be put to work as a designer doing some good. She had a vision of the transformation to the city the Lord would bring. She met homeless people well known downtown and heard their story. Her hearts is so wired for this. But then when her employer found out her senior project and her heart to revive the city and care for homeless...he put her on the homeless task force.

God is on the move. He is appointing my girl to be a Watchman of compassion on the walls of my city. She is much gifted the same gifts of revelation, foreknowledge, discernment and prophesy as I am. She is a “Seer”. How beautiful is our God!!!

Seeds...down deep may seem asleep, but they don’t die.

God is using my every act of obedience to shape, mold and raise high my children for the cause of Christ. It’s not by my merit or special ability. I just loved my Maker enough to do what he did and give it all up for him. Yesterday was a day that blessed my heart in countless ways.

What is your Maker calling you to do?
Your action assignment probably won’t be ultra extreme as mine is. But maybe it is? That, of course, is between you and God. But my story is meant to encourage your soul if you struggle, wait, or suffer for obedience to Christ. You shall once again rise and the tide will subside and God will use all of your good seed and He will harvest fruit to feed many. Your blessing is on the way. Hold fast, Beloved. God Almighty isn’t going anywhere. He’s here by your side to stay.

I will pray with you.


“And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:12