Spiritual Fitness

"...like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation." 1 Peter 2:2

When a person decides they want to become healthier, change their eating, get more exercise, they begin to make the appropriate changes for the desired end result. If someone wants to lose a few pounds and maybe tone up, they must switch their diet to cleaner whole food choices, increase their protein and decrease their refined carbohydrates. But to be able to maintain this one cannot simply switch hardcore right away. Our bodies are a big chemistry experiment and if you start eating large quantities of protein when you traditionally haven't had enough protein you will have some intestinal distress for sure! However, when you've made steady changes over time you gain momentum, you gain self control over foods, your body and it's ability to digest "meat" becomes competent and you achieve results.

The same is true with our spiritual health, strength and vitality. A person who is new to the faith in God must be like a person just beginning a healthy lifestyle change. They do a "beginners workout". They begin to have pure milk that is easy to digest so to speak. God leads them toward greater victories in Christ. He slowly begins to incorporate harder to digest spiritual truths and concepts that would compare to meat as an analogy. They do not do it overnight. It takes time, dedication and focused determination.

We are all at different places in our spiritual walk with God. From beginner, intermediate, advanced and extreme fit...to borrow some fitness industry terms. As a personal trainer I would never place a client who has never eaten healthy or exercised on the same routine I expect of someone who has trained and eaten clean for years.  But I can meet them where they are at and I can help encourage them along and give them exactly what they need to achieve and become all they desire to be as their trainer. We cannot rush the process. We have to work out our faith day by day, walking through the good and the bad and allowing God to chisel us into His Image.

God is the best trainer and "nutrition consultant" of all. Trust Him and put yourself on a steady diet of His Word, His Influence and Coaching, for he has written the best health care book of all! ~Nicole