I love the story of Secretariat. I've written about him before. Many rich analogies that can be drawn for life in this immortalized race horse.


Secretariat was a Champion thoroughbred, but at the start he wasn't looked upon as the champion stallion he was. The owner was even discouraged from investing any time or effort into him. But she saw something in this creature that no one else did. She LOVED him, groomed him and prepared him to race. She enjoyed every step he would take. Then, when it was time to run the greatest race of his life--the owner did the opposite of what the racing community would like. She pressed him. Secretariat himself had been so rigorously trained and tried and pushed, on game day he knew exactly what to do. He raced his heart out and knew what his body could take. He had been adequately prepared to win the race.

You are perfectly designed for the journey. God has hand crafted you for your task. You are being Divinely Inspired and equipped to overcome. The most glorious season of your life has yet to become.

You are, in fact, glorious.

You can do all things by Him who gives you strength. Run your race! You are strong and able and there is a Crown to take!

"In all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:37