Star Gaze

Tonight I ran into the market for just a couple items. It’s was late, the store would be closing, I only had about ten minutes...

I was able to fetch the items I needed, all two, and head to the registers. The store, which is usually quite busy during the day, was slow and lacking traffic because of the time of day it was. I moved in and out of the store quickly. As I climbed in my car I happened to look out the passenger side window, I happened to notice a young gal climb into her car two spaces over. She caught my attention because I heard her car door shut, but she kept my attention because once in her car she put both hands against her face and leaned over. I knew she was sobbing. I quickly wondered what brought her heart trouble? Why was she sad? What brought her tears? I wanted to give her a hug and tell her I understood, I knew how she felt, and everything would be alright. I knew I couldn’t do that of course, but my heart did, my heart did.

People everywhere are carrying things in their heart that weigh heavy. People are hurting. People feel alone or are lonely. People have fearful and hopeless situations looming over them and they maybe don’t have anyone to share with.

Is that you tonight?

Is your heart heavy? I would like to hug you with my pen right now. I know it’s not the same...but can I tell you what I wanted to tell that young girl?

You are not alone. You are going to get through this. You are strong. You are resilient. You can and you will. Keep looking up—
Even when it’s dark outside.

There is a God in Heaven who loves you and made you and was delighted with what He made.
He sprinkled the sky with a canopy of night and then splashed it with brilliant twinkles of light—
Giving birth to the stars.

You are a star.
Shoot bright.
Shoot far.

Illuminate and know that you generate something special for others to look upon and it carries them through for all the hard they must do. We are all tied together. We are all connected together.

There are parts of the world known for their superior star gazing. They must have the right conditions? I don’t know what those scientific conditions are, but I know this, it probably includes an absolute black backdrop. But then those stars on a clear night show ever bright. The contrast of light and dark brought out each stars beauty.

God will use your trial to bring out your beauty.

Angels watch over you.
Star gazers stare into your light,
Beautiful Moon.
Remain in the Light.

Keep shining, be the light.
God will use the darkness to illuminate your beauty.