"How beautiful is the tender conscience of a healthy Christian." John Piper

I recently had a conversation with a woman who was preparing a teaching for her Bible study group on repentance. She was sharing, with a gleam in her eye, about the beauty of conviction and describing the discomfort, misery and discontentedness the Holy Spirit will bring when there is a need for self examination. As I listened, I then chimed in that the Believer with a hardened heart will not recognize the need to repent because the need has been disguised with Pride.

I don't believe a Christian ever realizes the hardening of their heart for it usually grows on them like a subtle numbness or callous over time. A person who is deeply wounded (especially at a young age) may find healing at the Cross (Salvation), but the process of restoration (bringing something to its original condition/wholeness) is lengthy. If God reproofed all at once the pain would be too much and He is far to Compassionate and Merciful for that.

This is why Love is such an important ingredient. Gods correction is laced with love. He convicts because He wants to see each of us reach our full potential.

Water your heart today with His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to address any rough, jaded or cynical areas of your heart. He sees your hurt. He knows when something has warped your perspective and He desires to straighten it out, align your broken pieces and set it right with his splint of love. Do not become hard hearted like the world.
(Phil. 4:8)

One of my greatest admiration goes toward Mother Teresa. My heart swells when I think of her and how her love of God flowed freely through her over all humanity. She was a tiny dynamo of bold faith, tenacious strength and a Holy Fire. I want to live as she did. For her love is a mere reflection of everything Jesus did.

Allow God to explore regions of your heart so you might be filled to overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit. He's got more for you, Beloved!