The Art of Connection

"Therefore, accept one another, just as the Messiah accepted you, for the glory of God." Romans 25:7

I'm a very friendly person. I try to look everyone in the eye as I pass by and say "hello". I say hello to pretty much might be strangers at the grocery store or when I bump into people I know I make a point to let them know I notice them (if it's possible). Mostly because I want people to feel valued, important and special. I want them to walk away in their day feeling good. I may not add a tremendous amount of value to their day, but maybe I will? We never know what kind of issues and realities people are facing in the backdrop of life. Being approachable and open is always a good idea. Share your smile today, look others in the face and share your kindness. Do not believe this to be impossible for you. Though it is more challenging for introvert personality types it can become easier with repetitive discipline to reach out. I am an introvert by nature! Though I have always been friendly I haven't always been the initiator of friendliness out of fear or discomfort. But with the love and kindness the Holy Spirit has yielded to me I learned to get my focus off my own discomfort and into others. You can do it to. With God's help nothing will be impossible for you. ~Nicole