These Are the Wonder Years…

These truly are the “Wonder Years”…


These are the words that crossed through my mind as I was glancing at some residual homework my son had discarded to the kitchen table this week. He had printed some photos for school and one sheet of non- photo quality paper had slipped through. I looked at the pictures printed upon it, from about 5 years past. My son had grown so much, and I too quickly am well beyond the years of his middle childhood. How beautiful, each day, a gift from above to cherish, to love, to embrace the moments, to reflect on the good things in life. To be filled with awe and wonder.


Moments like these make me grateful for my Advocare business. Our part time Advocare income stream has allowed me the privilege to be there for my children. I am able to be their primary care giver. I am able to be the one to retrieve them from school. I make their dinners. I help with homework. (I remind them to do their chores). So many American’s do not have this privilege out of necessity. Or maybe they have the ability to be with their children, but their health is compromised so it compromises, in turn, the quality of their time.


Who do you know who’s life could be changed by a sample of Spark? Who needs more energy? Who is praying for an answer to financial despair? So often, WE are the vehicle, the miracle, the answer to a question or need someone else has, but we don’t notice. We aren’t watching, listening, or paying attention. We are distracted by the busy-ness of life.


What if you could put the awe and wonder back into someone else’s years?


What if you could put some awe and wonder back into yours?


I promise you, Advocare is as simple as sharing a smile. Who could you step out and help today to gain that extra mile?


It is such a delight and privilege to know you, serve you, walk along side you on your Advocare journey, whatever level that may be. How can John or I serve you today? How can we put more awe and wonder into your everyday? We are here to advocate positive change however you may need. Thank you so much for following our lead…may we ever grow and know how to better serve you.


Here is to your added awe and wonder….these are the best years of your life to be cherished all of your life. Find beauty in every experience, no matter how wonderful or how difficult…there is beauty to be found in it all.


In Health,


John and Nicole