Training Wheels

"We have the mind of Christ."
1 Cor. 2:16

Training Wheels...

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike? I do. My Dad taught me. We lived in Long Beach, Ca. I was 5 I guess. I had some training wheels on my bike. They were a bit off balance so if the bike wasn't kept in perfect alignment the bike would lean a bit from one side to the other. It became a mental challenge to coordinate the pedal motion and the way my body weight rested to try and not depend too much on those training wheels. But it was easy to dare to try because I knew those wheels were there. I knew I wasn't going to fall. But once those wheels came off...the risk grew and so did my nerves. But I had been adequately coached and had time to practice. Dad knew I was ready and as he held me steady he ran alongside. Before too long he subsided his stride and I began to ride not realizing he had stopped running. I was doing it!

Riding a bike is like walking out your faith. We believe. We begin. And then we become. Every ounce of what God has stored up in you, insurmountable treasury of heart, soul, gifts and talents begin to overflow as He grooms us and let's us know which way to go, how to walk life out and how to do it all with balance and beauty in our stride. Life is an incredible ride! Enjoy the journey. Abba Father is right there with you cheering you along as you go. ~Nicole