Trust-Love & Confidence (TLC)

“Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” Jeremiah 17:7

God always wants us to trust Him, but did you ever stop and realize that He is willing to place trust and confidence in us? It’s true. The Creator of the Universe stood before time and had a dream of your life and what you would look like. Think about it. If you're a Mother you remember before your little bundle arrived you did this, too. But your very DNA already fore knew what would grow and become within your womb. God dreamed of it all...not just your physical appearance but your walk, your talk, your mannerisms. He left out no details. He dreamed of how you would think and what your voice would sound like. He gave you dreams and joys and ambitions, too. He already knew what he had invested in you and the level of commitment He was planning to devote to you. God did and spoke all of who you are into Creation before He placed the first twinkle of Light in His blanket called night. He knew you were capable of making the world bright.

The key is to seek the Almighty and allow His Trust and Love to keep a heart soft while developing its ability to handle life’s hurts and disappointments. It is not easy, not for anyone.

God designed us each so uniquely, but He also put an ability for Faith, supernatural faith, entrusted from His heart to ours.

Sometimes we can find the courage to walk through when we know their is a friend to stand beside us. God is that friend. Your pain will never be too big, trial too hard, circumstance too grim to make him shrink back. He is in it all the way. He plans to stay.

Wait on the Lord.
You can trust him.

Before all of time He stood back in space and could already see the exact dimension of your face, the lines of your eyes and how you would carry out your life. He is besotted with His Bride. He will never force his confidence on us, for He is a gentleman, but He will let us know that He is there, giving strength. God is a Rescuer and He rescues every time. He won’t leave you or forsake you. He’s invested too much of Himself into you. He’s got you…for the long haul. ~Nicole

“Lord, I am so sorry I don’t trust you more. Please forgive me for my lack of understanding regarding your deep care. Forgive me for not grasping the abundant life you desire to cultivate. Help me to not shrink back, but to have YOUR confidence. you will Rescue me from every dark or shadowy thing and bring me fully into your Life and Light. Amen.”