Tweet That! A Story of Thoughtfulness

I frequently wake up early in the morning and just lye in bed writing in my head. For some reason, many great ideas come to me in the stillness of the night as though the creativity fairy were hovering over my head sprinkling her dust upon my brow. In actuality, I know it is the Creative Creator of Heaven and Earth who is stirring my spirit and stroking my thoughts with His ultimate talent and artistry.

Today was a day such as this. Sometimes, many times, I receive a very clear quickening in my heart, dream or directive on the subject I am to write about. Other times it is a combination of all of the above revealed to me over time. This time, creativity was stirred by a thought about a task, that lead to another thought, and another, and so and so and so on. So, here I am writing about thoughtfulness and relationships that grew from my own idle little thoughts about twitter. Yep, twitter. You can find me on twitter at:

I have been dragging my feet to open a twitter account for two or three years (I’m not sure which). I’ve really been fighting it since summer when I realized I really needed to open one so I can try to expand my contacts and reach for the encouragement of others. God has birthed a ministry of Love in my heart. I’ve known it was coming for at least a decade, but I first had to grow into the person God needed me to be. Now, I am seeing many things prophesied over me (spoken words over me, birthed either in my heart or from the heart and lips of another, as predictions and promises of the future by people gifted to do such…some famous, some not). I have known all these years I had a ministry call on my life, but I also knew it had a “marketplace” feel to it.  I’m so glad God doesn’t do anything “cookie cutter” style. He uses a myriad of personality types in a plethora of ways to reach the heart of man.

So, how does this all tie in to twitter? Relationships, that is how. Much to my dismay, technology has replaced face to face time as the primary means of nurturing and building relationship. I wish it weren’t so, it is drastically lacking in warmth and intimacy of being in someone’s presence to connect, talk, share, bond, and grow. There are also advantages to the electronic highway, I know.

As I lye there in bed, thinking about this account I just opened (and why do they make you choose all these things to “follow” from various categories) my mind quickly went to an old and dear friend. I have lost touch with her over this last year. She is local, in my city, works at one of the biggest churches in town as the secretary for a pastor. I began thinking about how I wanted to see her, talk to her, reconnect. She is very busy and texting, email works but not that great. Then, I remembered she is very into twitter! In fact, she was one of the first people to try and convince me to sign up. Next, my thoughts went to all the changes that have happened in our lives since we first met (this friend and I). Many, many years ago we went to the same church, but her season there was fairly brief, mine longer. This thought lead to another thought about how fragile relationships are. They so much need to be handled with care, consideration, thoughtfulness, patience and time. When you put in the time, they can last a lifetime. We don’t have to have people flit in and out of our lives for it’s entirety. It perplexed me a bit how God has granted me favor to remain connected to so many people in friendship that I have known over the years.


“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I began to think about all of the people I have known across my city because I went to church with them for a time. This one church is the hub for connections all over the city, not by man’s design, but by Gods. There are people all over this city who’s hearts are tied to this one church, by God, as though it were a part of them even though they are gone for one reason or another. I’m talking…I went to this church for fourteen years. That’s the span of time I speak of. I realized how I have stayed in touch with most of these people on one level or another. Those I lost touch with, God would give me Divine encounters with them. People tease me because I see people I know everywhere I go, every time I leave the house. It is unusual for me to go even to the store and not run into someone I know. Not because I’m super gregarious Miss Popularity, because I am wired for relationships and God is the designer of man’s time whether men realize it or not. I do not believe in coincidences. My God is too big for that. If you see someone, it is because God wanted you to.

This got me thinking about all the marvelous things that have been spoken about the positive future of my city. If you aren’t local to me, you may not be aware that my city has a horrible reputation nationwide. But I love my city, even since I was a youth and lived in the cute, quaint city next door. God placed a burden for this city in my heart. I love Stockton and have seen with my spiritual eyes for years that one day she would be known as “The City of Righteousness”. People would say, “Stockton, you know, that city where God lives.” Power, Favor, Blessing, Joy, Prosperity and thoughtfulness to humanity, would shine like a beacon of Light.

How is all of this goodness going to happen? It will unfold and is unfolding in many ways. Ultimately, it comes down to relationships. Without quality relationships trust cannot be established. Without trust folks won’t open their hand to be grabbed by those who mean to grab hold and help them. This was true when Jesus walked the earth. He came and focused on relationships. Through the building of relationships he next came forth in the miraculous. But he only worked his wonders where he was welcomed.


“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” A.A. Milne

When the events of Newtown, CT occurred my heart broke, as I am sure yours did as well. In the aftermath of this event my daughter deeply struggled. She is very compassionate and her heart ached for that community and the families especially. I tried to talk with her and comfort her and share about how precious life is and how important it is to nurture relationships and care for the heart of others. What went wrong in that young man’s life that his hurt ran so deep as to do such a hateful thing? My daughter shared with me some of the things trending on twitter among young people across the country (not by anyone she knew, or local friends, just trending stuff I guess). They were voicing their annoyance over the attention. It was interrupting their lives. They were distraught because shows, concerts, appearances by celebrities were cancelled out of respect and they didn’t like it. My daughter’s heart was breaking for the youth of America and their coldness of heart and selfishness of thought. My heart broke, too.

We have to teach young people to be thoughtful. We have to instruct and admonish them on how to show compassion to others. They need to be taught how to nurture another’s emotions and be patient one to another. They need to observe and learn by observation how to die to their own self and focus on loving others more than themselves. If they are not taught, they will not do it on their own, it isn’t in our human nature to be anything but selfish. If they are not taught, and it seems they are not being taught, we will crumble as a nation, self-destruct for lack of vision, virtue and purpose.

“I believe that every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity an obligation, every possession a duty.”

~John D. Rockfeller Jr.


Quality relationships do not just happen. Though we may only have a few deep friendships in our lives, if we are to be the change our city needs, our state needs, our country needs, then we must step outside of our own little busy lives and observe others around us. We must make effort to reach out to others and connect with them. We need to be nurturer’s of the hearts of man. We will always have our own problems and things keeping us “busy”. We must make time for others. This is the fundamental key to victory in Amercia. We must rebuild our ability to be relational on more than just surface encounters. We must be purposeful, patient, kind and attentive. We must be loving and caring and not be quick to become irritated or judgmental of others. I know it is not easy. In fact, I guarantee to you that it will be hard. If you are not sure what to do, or maybe building relationships is such an outside your comfort zone idea, I have a few suggestions on how to start.

  • Pray. Ask God to give you an opportunity to connect, build, have “face to face” time with others and how to focus on THEM in that time.
  • Do something thoughtful for another human being outside your immediate family. Choose someone to bless that will in no way be able to do anything for you (we want the motives to stay pure. A true giver does not give to get or manipulate or to “look good” to everyone around). It doesn’t have to be big, it could be small, just make it thoughtful.
  • Think. Do you ever have someone pop into your mind all the time, either for a brief period of time or extended? Act! They are in your mind because God placed them there! Maybe your reaching out, even in the littlest way, is their hope for that day!

You can do it, I know you can. Let’s make 2013 the year that your Joy is complete because you stepped outside yourself and redeemed the time for your fellow man. This is the true essence of being a Difference Maker. The best is inside you like a gift waiting to be opened and shared with all those around. Beautiful…

Bless your heart! I am with you ~Nicole

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joys in the world.” ~Helen Keller