Weightless Gratitude

It's the season of endless eating, online malls and grumpy people. I had to go to the store on Wednesday to replace my laundry basket that finally bit the dust. As I scurried through the Home Goods store (I love Home Goods) there seemed to be aisle after aisle of Christmas decor, but little to nothing Thanksgiving related. Most of the people were located in the dish ware section buying that last minute carving set or platter for the big meal. It was crowded and the aisles were narrow. I tried to be courteous. I tend to smile at everyone and am generally willing to speak to total strangers, but today no one was smiling back or even making eye contact. Instead of letting it bother me, I knew it was because they were most likely all stressed.

People make jokes about holiday weight gain and I even post about maintenance strategies for the holiday...but are we truly remembering to measure the weight of our gratitude? Gratitude finds a bright spot in any situation. Gratitude is at peace with others. Gratitude looks at all we have in our life that is good. So what about you. Do your clouds have silver linings or lightning bolts? Everyday has the possibility to be great when we take a moment to truly give thanks. ~Nicoleimg_8373