What's Your Name?


So, growing up there weren't a lot of other "Nicole's". I was usually the only one until maybe high school I knew one other. But everywhere I went when I had to give my name, if it was being written down by another, they would try to put an H in it making it "Nichole". I was frequently correcting people and reminding them there was no H in my name. My last name was even worse. People would slaughter it trying to pronounce it--very long name with lots of vowels--and that's the "Americanized" version! I would endure a barrage of questions about its origin. People loved to try to guess "what" I was. I had a teacher who would always make jokes to me about Russian vodka??? I guess he though I was Russian. I had another instructor who was positive I was Scandinavian because of my light hair and eyes, but ability to tan deep.

Most thought I was Scandinavian...Swedish or Norwegian. All incorrect.

People may not get your name right. They may mistag you with labels and descriptions of their perception of you. But that doesn't have to affect the beauty of who God created you to shine through. God knows you! He knows your name. He knows your heart. He knows every detail about you and His heart is blessed by you.

Life has a way of labeling us...we all have a number attached to our name for goodness sake (social security), but God knows who you REALLY are. Sink back in His comfort like an easy chair...his love for you is beyond compare. ❤️Nicole