You Are A New Creation

You Are A New Creation...

When I went to college I had a passion for nutrition/wellness. But I truly didn't know exactly how I wanted to use such a degree. I didn't want to meal plan in a hospital, but I wanted to use it for helping people grab hold of their best self. I guess I had a vision of what I do now, but didn't have the resources or clarity of the vision to launch it at the ages of 18-22. I truly wanted to major in "helping people".

When God plants a purpose in your heart, if you continue down the path He will guide your steps and bring all the needed ingredients to fulfill His Majestic Recipe called your life. When you follow that lead, it unfolds into an Original and Creative Masterpiece.

Last night my client had the epiphany that her love for conditioning her body was her act of worship to her Creator. She has been on an amazing journey to better health, but didn't want the distorted world view media projects. You can love health and fitness and be purposeful toward it with a healthy mindset. The world says "be vain" but God says celebrate how you were made!

Once you find your Bliss, you begin to radiate it and it flows through you creating bliss in others, too. It's a Holy Flow that makes you Glow! ~Nicole

"The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word." Heb. 1:3