God Bless America

God bless America

Native and True
The hopeful red, white and blue.

God bless America

I truly love you and all you represent—
Peace, Love and Unity for every man.
Common or not—we each are given equal opportunity for Life, Love and Liberty.

God bless America and her soil.

God bless America and every soldier who has been sent to foreign lands.

Guide her path, Father, guide her strong—
Better days ahead for her, her future bright and long.

God bless America and grant her grace that she may be a beacon of Light for all of the human race.

She may stand.
Bearer of Truth...
Keeper and Protecter of Peace.
Create again in her a place of Gratitude and Unity.

God bless America—
From sea to shining sea...
Because she has been good to me.🇺🇸