Yesterday I came across a photograph of my boys that was maybe from 7 years ago. Kids change so much so quickly, it’s beautiful and painful at the same time. Bitter sweet I guess you would call it. I just sat drinking in the picture. They were all huddled up close to one another, laughing, the baby on my 2nd oldest son’s shoulders—they were so happy. I  am so grateful that their early and middle childhood years were happy years for them.

When my kids were really little we would sit on the floor and read. My daughter, my eldest, loves books to this day. She is a voracious reader and can read a book in a day. So she and I would read a lot. The boys liked books like “I Spy”. You know it? The ones with hidden pictures you have to find. We’d lay belly down on the floor searching...

Are you searching?

A True Visionary "sees" with the soul long before they see with their eyes. It's the ultimate game of "I Spy".

People everywhere are searching for something. Searching in pursuit of living their dreams whatever they be. But there is one who sought out the great in you. Heaven has a dream for you and ensures for those dreams to come true, if we let them.  So in fact—
You didn’t seek out the great.
The Great sought out you.

You are great. Not because of anything you do, but because the Great One created you. He sees in you even more than you see in yourself. He is always about one thing, ensuring we feel the touch of His love and elevating our heart, mind, soul to a new level. The better we walk in absolute health in every area of our life the more we become a conduit of spreading the same thing all around us, even when we aren’t being intentional about that. The world becomes a better place and that is always good.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.”
Isaiah 43:19

I have felt God my entire life. I didn’t necessarily know Him well or seek Him well. But I knew He was there guiding me. I could feel him, very sensitive that way. But it has been through season of trial and pain that He began to reveal Himself to me deeply and uncover His plans for me, uncover my heart and encouraging me to look inside. He brings revelation of soul.

I  am going to be extremely transparent, knowing that it is for someone and God will help that one with this—-

I have always had a hard time with lying. Not a hard time because I do it, I don’t. A hard time because it’s not acceptable to me. I raised my kids to know they could come to me with anything no matter how bad. I won’t judge them, just don’t lie. Everything gets worse when you lie. But over time and pain and revelation, God elevated my soul and opened a door of understanding and I realized I hadn’t been lying to others, but I had been lying to myself for a long time. I am such a lover of people and care deeply about others that I was protecting the wants and feeling of others and somewhere along the way forgot to protect myself. I forgot about my feelings.
I am such a believer in not being self centered and placing others of high esteem. Servant leadership— lead by example kind of thing. But even in this there is balance. I had lost the balance. I had lost myself. I had begun martyring myself in ways God was not asking me to. It was in moments of deep pain that heaven grabbed my attention and I saw with new eyes.

Are you lying to yourself today? Are you keeping peace in a lie? Are you striving to keep others happy, but you are not?

Be brave, God wants you happy, healthy and whole. When He opens a door, don’t be afraid to walk through it even when it may hurt someone else’s feelings (without you meaning to of course). God has a Path and destiny for us all. We must be humble, gracious and open to it. He means to elevate you—
heart, mind and soul.

You are not measured by the worth of your day. God sees you by the whole of your heart.

Take Heart.
God's not done yet...
Your heart will elate.♥️