Hidden Treasures

Have you ever met someone who appears to do all things well, carried themselves well, just extremely polished? Excellence—everywhere excellent.

There is a regal quality to a person who carries themself well and does well. There is an added luster to their Shine when they handle themselves well in all of their well doing. It is human nature to compel toward pride and the pride of life. So when you come across one who does well and has room and reason to boast, but chooses the path of kindness and generosity (be it finance, resource or just plain giving of their time and attention)—that person becomes a rare and special treat.

I have such a deep compassion, empathy and love for humanity. People are lovely, each containing a special treasure that is theirs to offer the world. We are each afforded an opportunity to make, create and improve the beauty of the world.
You have the power to make a dramatic impact on the world and people around you.

Continue on your path of excellence—because excellent it truly is.
Carry yourself well—for there are those who are blessed well by your presence and have been impacted by your kindness.
For me, there is nothing like kindness and gentleness. It is meek in nature, yet contains extraordinary power to mend and heal, yielding Peace. Your ability to walk in blessing, beauty and remain kind and gentle is impacting and you may not fully be aware of the impact you are making. You shine.

Be encouraged today.
The thoughtfulness that comes from above swells the heart with love.


There is a God who understands your heart. There is a God who hears the unspoken contents of your soul. He whispers in the ears of the faithful who hear...then they pray. God has someone praying for you. Many people don’t feel excellent, but I dare say, you maybe don’t see yourself as you ought to.

Simply Beautiful.

I hear him speak and I pray.
I pray today be a special day.
Everyday has the potential to be your best day.

“I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

Isaiah 45:3