Fit Life For Life!

I remember when my daughter was maybe 10, maybe a little younger...I had to explain to her why exercise was important to do even when you didn’t feel like doing it. Because she saw me consistent with it she assumed I always wanted to do it. I told her I didn’t always feel like working out. She seemed surprised. Then I walked her through a talk about our family health history.

When you know your history, you know what needs to happen to change the future so history doesn’t repeat.

Keep guiding your kids.

My kids eat a thousand times healthier by choice than I did at their age.

Raise them to be over-comers.

It may feel hard at times because let’s face it—they’re going to do what you do not what you suggest. So you’ve got to lead by example.

I’m once again reminded of the fruit of dedication and intention as my daughter is a young working adult and rises up and gets to the gym at 5am!

Fitness is a Way of life that is for the purpose of a long and healthy life. Anything aesthetic is just the added bonus. Lift heavy and love strong! ~Nicole


It's not just about exercise! Nutrition is the foundation any health protocol is built upon!

A few staples for nutrition we utilize (I am a distributor of these products and if you order through my link I will receive compensation. I try not to be commercially on this page, but am a true believer, have seen the profound difference a quality product can make and grateful for your business!)

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