How I Quit My Soda Addiction

I just overheard my son say to a friend, “I like soda, but I hardly ever have it.”

Words that make a momma happy...words that now inspire the following post. What’s it about? Soda of course.

I used to be addicted to soda.

Diet Pepsi to be exact.

I didn’t grow up on soda—we next to never had it in the house. But I did grow up on Kool Aid and refined foods in all forms. If it wasn’t refined it was canned or frozen. If I wasn’t drinking Kool Aid it was iced tea (not so frequently because I’m not much of a fan of iced tea even to this day, but it’s what Mom had in the fridge). We also had water or milk.

So where did my soda obsession begin? My freshman year of college I discovered that if I had one can of soda in the evening it would provide enough caffeine energy for me to stay awake to finish my schoolwork. Over time I was steadily creating a habit. Unfortunately, soda drinking is one of the most unhealthy nutrition habits you can create. By my senior year of college I was drinking at least four cans of soda per day.

Once an adult with a little family of my own beginning I tried to quit over and over again. But I struggled. I was in fact addicted. I knew how bad this was for me, so I found myself discouraged about it frequently.

Do you want to know something? I was finally able to kick my soda habit to the curb for good! I haven’t desired a single can or cup of soda since. How did I do it?

I’d like to say I sort of did it by chance. It all happened for me when I began taking AdvoCare.

It was the Spring of 1995. My husband was working as a Strength Coach in Division 1 College Athletics. Nutrition for the athletes was his responsibility. Between his background in kinesiology and my background in nutrition we were quite the little supplement geek pair. We fully believed in vitamins and minerals added in to our routine , but were forever searching for the best. I even recall simulating a stomach acid test on my plethora of pharmaceutical grade prenatal vitamin samples given to me by my OB/GYN my first pregnancy.

Did you know that if your vitamins don’t break down in your stomach within 20-30 minutes you can forget getting any benefit? By this time they have passed to your upper GI. So we lined the counter with cups of cider vinegar. Drop a tablet in and let the timing begin. Most of those vitamins did little breaking down or even making a hint of a cloud in the mock stomach acid. But CorePlex multi-vitamin by AdvoCare stood the test and won us over above the rest!

John has tried a post workout recovery beverage from AdvoCare as directed by the basketball coach. Here’s what happened...

John had never seen anything like it!

In six weeks he gained 17 pounds of lean muscle mass (and he is a hard gainer), his body fat reduced 2% and bench press increased by 35 pounds. He was sure the product was tainted. So he walked it over to the University’s pharmacy department and a friend who specializes in research design for pharmaceutical drugs. He asked our friend to dissect the product and let John know what he found. What happened next? The Dr. asked where we got it because he wanted to put his teenage athlete sons on it! He declared he’d never seen anything like it. There were ingredients included only to help with the absorption of other ingredients. Superb design! We were sold.

Here’s what happened next. I wanted to lose about 10 pounds (so I thought). I was active, tried to eat well (though didn’t even come close to eating as tight as I do today). Just wanted to lean out a bit I guess. So the gentleman who had helped us gave me a product called Metabolic Nutrition. This product comes in 3 versions (energy, appetite control, and a mild version of the other two catering more to optimized health). I've linked my favorite of the 3 below:

This product is designed to fill nutrition gaps, maximize metabolic function and promote stasis in the body.

After 10 days on the product I felt amazing, balanced energy levels morning to night, and I had lost 6 pounds. I never lost more than the 6 pounds, but over 90 days I had lost 5% body fat totally changing my body composition and dropping me from a size 6 dress to a size 2. I’d never worn a 2 in my life. I actually didn’t believe it was possible.

Keep in mind, it’s never about a dress size, but it is about being the right size for your frame.

I am very petite. Size 0 or 2 works for my frame. I felt better, had more stamina and energy and guess what body found balance in nutrition for the first time in a long time and I went 3 days without even noticing I hadn’t had a soda!

This had happened never before. Anytime I tried to quit I’d think about drinking a soda all day. How did I manage to go 3 entire days without even noticing it’s absence? AdvoCare, that’s how.

I’m not suggesting this will happen for everyone. But it’s what happened for me. I haven’t been a soda drinker since. I also know countless others with a similar testimonial.

Here is a list of deleterious risks of drinking soda in excess:

•weakens bone density by leeching bones of calcium

•May cause bloating

•contains cancer causing chemicals

•reduces or impairs brain function

•some research suggests that the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame attack the hippocampus in the brain (responsible for memory function) creating holes.

•sugary soda drinkers may struggle with tooth decay

I’m not trying to preach at anyone or make them angry with me for suggesting you may want to consider quitting drinking soda or that maybe AdvoCare can give you and edge and help you make some positive health changes. But maybe it’s good to have someone tell you the truth in love because they know your life is meant for more than anything a can of soda can offer. You’re needed, loved and others you matter to want you around for a long long time.

Making healthy habit changes will impact your legacy. Just look at the story I opened with my son. Because of the changes I’ve made, my children have entirely different health habits of a positive nature for all of their life. That’s the power of legacy!

I hope this post encourages someone and Sparks your hope that your health can change!You’re too lovely to take health risks! Live well, live longer! We need you!

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The gal in the middle is my client on her first day training with me. She had already lost 50 pounds meal prepping and watching portion control at this point.

The above photo is her taken November 2018 and the final photo was taken April 4, 2019. She starting to get muscles! Look at that back and those shoulders! She uses AdvoCare, too!

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